Team:Calgary/12 July 2010


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Monday July 12, 2010


Today I worked on creating the Powerpoint that we will be presenting to Suffield on Wednesday. In the powerpoint, I've included what Synthetic Biology is, the two school of thoughs on the Ethics (pro-actionary vs. pre-cautionary), two interesting projects of past iGEM teams and three questions that we can ask the Researchers.


Today I contructed I0500+ B0034 with E0040 using 4 colonies of I0500+B0034. This is further verification that B0034 was added because PCR and gel electrophoresis is not sensitive enough to indicate whether B0034 was added. I also did a plasmid switch on K239000 and K135000 from Amp to Amp and Kan.


Today I researched about some high copy plasmid versus low copy plasmid characteristics that I could use for modelling in MATLAB simbiology program. I also looked into designing better primers for the SOEing PCR reaction which would be used to make the transcription translation circuit. I also gave the team a preliminary write up of the project description which was then given to the rest of the team to edit.

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