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Our Achievements

The Team Alberta 2010 iGEM team has made numerous key achievements.

  • We completed the Gold Medal requirements for iGEM.
  • We continued to develop the BioBytes assembly method developed by last year’s team.
  • We successfully assembled an 8-Byte long construct using the BioBytes 2.0 assembly method.
  • We created a model to further understand the efficiency of BioBytes 2.0.
  • We created the GENOMIKON kit, which contains everything needed for genomic assembly in a high school laboratory. We have created a prototype of this kit.
  • We developed a comprehensive online lab manual,, to accompany the GENOMIKON kit. It has such features as pre-designed experiments, encyclopedia articles, an integrated glossary, and an interactive plasmid design tool.
  • We researched and developed a distribution plan, investigating the potential of bringing the GENOMIKON kit into high school classrooms.
  • High school students were able to successfully create functional plasmids using the GENOMIKON kit.

For more, see the ACHIEVEMENTS page.