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The DNA Components

Open Reading Frame Parts

Fluorescent Proteins Carotenoid Pathway Violacein Pathway Transcription Factors Resistance Marker
GFP CrtE VioA LacI Ampicillin
mRFP CrtB VioB AraC Chloramphenicol
CFP CrtI VioD LambdaCI Kanamycin
YFP CrtY VioE TetR Tetramycin

Linker Parts

  • Transcription
  • 5 Anderson Promoters
  • Operon Linker
  • Anti-linker as a negative control
  • Short null-linker for inversion of ends
  • Fusion Protein Link
  • Protein Tags

Other Parts

  • High, medium and low copy number Oris
  • Caps
  • Anchors

Other Components

These parts and a microwave or hotplate are all that is needed to start building with GENOMIKON.

  • Precision Droppers to accurately dispense small volumes of liquids
  • Magnetic Racks
  • Eppendorf Tubes
  • Wash Buffer
  • Elution Buffer
  • Lyophilized Competent Cells
  • LB media
  • Plates
  • Iron Micro Beads
All the components of GENOMIKON can be seen in this picture.