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University of Aberdeen - ayeSwitch - iGEM 2010

Part:BBa_K385002: Phage MS2 coat protein

Length: 414 bp

Part type: coding

This sequence encodes the MS2 coat protein from phage MS2. It has the property of being able to bind RNA stem loops in a sequence-specific manner. The sequence of the MS2 stem loops is provided in part number BBa_K385000. The coding sequence is supplied without a stop codon, so that it can be used as part of an N-terminal fusion. Sequence analysis has been confirmed.


Atggcttctaactttactcagttcgttctcgtcgacaatggcggaactggcgacgtgactgtcgccccaagcaacttcgctaacggggtcgctgaatggatcagctctaactcgcgttcacaggcttacaaagtaacctg tagcgttcgtcagagctctgcgcagaatcgcaaatacaccatcaaagtcgaggtgcctaaagtggcaacccagactgttggtggagtagagcttcctgtagccgcatggcgttcgtacttaaatatggaactaaccattc caattttcgctactaattccgactgcgagcttattgttaaggcaatgcaaggtctcctaaaagatggaaacccgattccctcagcaatcgcagcaaactccggcatctacggtgacggtgctggtttaattaac

Design Notes

We omitted the stop codon so this part could be used in a protein fusion construct, with the MS2 protein forming the N-terminal domain. A glycine rich spacer peptide was inserted at the 3' end of the sequence, to allow the N-peptide to be separated from any downstream ORF by a flexible linker. (Linker sequence GGT GAC GGT GCT GGT TTA ATT AAC)

Source see NCBI sequence