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current brainstorming (12 march 2010):

-Food: loose weight consumes fat and chlorestorial

-Biodegradable fabric: good & green

-Fertilizing Gounds: cactus, nitrogen fixing compatible to all plants

-Bacteria -> Colon Cancer DETECTION

-Laundry machine -> encymes producing bacteria for washing machines


-biological Anti freeze so it can detect temperature change and unfreeze for example the car window.

-Bacteria to reduce air pollution

-Use bacteria as a memory/harddisk ->Computer by Bacteria

-Oil spill responce - Baceria cleaning it up.

-Detecting clusters of bacteria

-Synthetic biomolecules on synthetic biomolecules

-Magnetic bacteria-two bacteria spin around each other and create a magnetic field,which we can measure(*)

-bacteria changing the taste of yogurt

-making a bacterial community( to mimic the interaction between bacteia in real world)

-biocamera( there are bacteria which sensitivi different kind of signal, when they are exposed, they are giving a shape on the medium (take pic!)

-UV detected bacteria

-bacteria that has a capable of altering one type of aa to another or producing essential amino acid

-molecular fishing rod

-biofilm color

-ameube tron

-restore gulf stream pump once it breakes down

-anti-rust bacteria

-anti-anxiety bacteria

-anti-acidification bacteria for ocean

-maleria repelling bacteria

-smelling (coffee) of circadian rythm bacteria

-timer bacteria

-spore eating bacteria

-detect bad milk bacteria

-biofilm insulating bacteria ( bacteria  cover the building) 

-two component gene made by bacteria stolling factor

-vitamine rich food , nice tasting food