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Judging criteria

Teams will be judged according to the various criteria that the iGEM judging committee has outlined on the Judging Criteria page.

Judging Forms

Teams will be required to submit a judging form that outlines their accomplishments according to the criteria. Details on where/how/when to fill out this form will be provided as they are available.


Teams are eligible to win the awards as listed on the Awards page.

Important Dates

Be sure to study the official iGEM calendar to find out the final dates for different judging requirements.

Poster judging

For the 2010 iGEM Jamboree there will be two poster sessions. Each team will be assigned a poster location during one of the sessions.

Poster judging will occur throughout the day on both Saturday and Sunday. It is important that your poster convey all of the information necessary without the need for verbal explanation. Once the poster judging team has been to your poster, they will leave a marker indicating that your poster has been judged.


To file an official complaint regarding iGEM 2010 judging you must send an email to complaints AT igem DOT org. Your email should include your real name, the real name of your school and team, and the real name and email address of your faculty advisor. Your email must also be copied to your faculty advisor. In your email please clearly state your complaint and what you hope will happen as a result of filing your official complaint. The iGEM judging committee will work diligently to respond to all complaints as quickly as possible. Complaints that are sent to other email addresses, or that do not include the requested information will be ignored. All decisions by the judges regarding complaints are final.