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(Members of the press, please see the iGEM Press Kit)

blogs covering iGEM 2010
SDU-Denmark's iGEM 2010 blog
TU Delft's blog

video/radio about iGEM 2010

news articles about iGEM 2010

If you would like to share an article that was written about iGEM or your iGEM team, please link to it on this page. If you have multiple articles featuring your team, link to them all individually!

Post the name of your team, the title of your article, where it was featured, and provide a link to it.

Team Example: Title of article, Nature, [link]


  • New York Times Magazine: Do-It-Yourself Genetic Engineering 10 February 2010 NYT Magazine
  • BioTechniques: iGEM Competitors Gear Up for 2010 Challenge 19 October 2010 BioTechniques

team specific


Team UIUC-Illinois: Video Documentation of Synthetic Biology Outreach!

Surrounded By Science: Parkland College TV program

Today - Wednesday the 27th of October, the UIUC-Illinois Team was filmed in lab and in a meeting with advisors by the host and videographer of Surrounded By Science! We expect this episode to come out in 2-3 weeks. It will be found on this page along with other information about the Surrounded by Science show. Surrounded By Science

TU Delft


  • Debrecen-Hungary: "Bacteria from Lego" - Népszabadság national newspaper, 2010-17-06 (Hungarian), for a translated version click here






  • Wisconsin-Madison Teaser Trailer, The UW-Madison team will be appearing in an upcoming documentary called 'SynBio' that explores the emerging field of Synthetic Biology.