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Informal meeting - 20 January 2010

  • Start time: 4:00pm
  • Attendance: Steven Woodhouse, Zoltan Balogh, Da Ye, Harsh Sheth, Soon Koh, Rachel Boyd, Younus Essa

Action Points

  1. To identify members that are not eligible for the welcome trust funding and applies for other funding. Society for general microbiology (Jen and Neil)
  2. To set up internal wiki by next meeting (Jen)
  3. Each member to identify skills weakness so that lectures could be organised for it. Example how to use a wiki (Everyone)
  4. Divide into groups and look through the previous years iGEM and sort out the projects into different categories (Everyone)
  5. Go through the mailing list and post the idea onto wiki (Zoltan until further training)

Items discussed

  1. Timeline
    • Look at previous year’s timeline and discuss
    • To finalise the project by the end of Feb
      • No ideas are too weird! But must be able to find a bacteria that can do it and will benefit the community
      • Marking is base on how cool the idea is and how much is being done
    • To try to include computational biology and modelling into the project
  2. Network for synthetic biology
    • Network with other teams and get the helping other team box checked!
  3. Convertion of CO2 and CO by bacillus (Harsh)
  4. Next formal meeting to have a chair, agenda
  5. To take photos for everything
  6. A trip to the pub after next meeting!