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Top five survival tips for future iGEMers!!!....(the do’s and don’t’s!)

1. Start on the Wiki early!

Get in contact with a computer nerd! Or pick a team member to be the ‘Wiki Chief’ and learn a few things about Wiki editing!

2. Organisation… the Key to success!

Plan your experiment well and take into consideration time limitations, shipping time, equipment available!!

3. Be realistic!!

Don’t go TOO overboard with crazy and unachievable goals

4. Team work

Work cooperatively as a team and use your team members strengths to your advantage and help them work on any weaknesses

5. Most importantly

Have fun!!

We only get to be in this competition once so make the most of it!!!!!

We hope our tips help future teams!!!!

Read about us at the Macquarie University Newsroom..!!

Macquarie students to compete in international science competition

Funny Quotes over the weeks....(when all else fails... just laugh about it!)

Yagiz- confesses his undying love for Deinococcous

Hilal- "My doctor says that I am forbidden to pippett!"

Team Macquarie...