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Proposal: Freiburg, Germany, as a host for the European iGEM Spring Workshop 2010

Freiburg participated in the iGEM competition three times and very much enjoyed the quality and hospitality of the previous workshops in Zurich, Paris, and London. This year we would like to give back to the community and host the spring workshop. As a University with over 20 000 students, we are well equipped with various sizes of lecture halls. The "Centre for Biological Signalling Studies" (bioss) will sponsor the event, and thus we can provide subsidized accommodation.

Information about Freiburg can be found on wikipedia the official city web-site or wikitravel.

Freiburg is strategically located in the middle of Europe with high speed train connection (e.g. 3:40 min to Paris) and several airports close by. It is only a 50 min bus drive from the Euro airport (Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg airport), which hosts major airlines and the discount airline EasyJet. The Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden airport (Baden airpark) can be reached by a 1 h bus or train ride and is served by the discount airlines Ryanair and Airberlin. Frankfurt international airport is connected by a non-stop 2 h train ride. Also the airports of Stuttgart and Zurich can be reached in approximately 2 h and Strasbourg in about 1 h.

Easyjet serving Euroairport: Easyjet euroairport.jpg; Airberlin serving Badenairpark: Airberlin badenairpark .jpg;

Ryanair serving Badenairpark: Ryanair badenairpark.jpg

If you have questions or comments regarding the Freiburg proposal please contact: Kristian Müller