Week7 7/25/10-7/31/10

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BIF confocal microscopy training

Kit to stock of 1-6G and 1-12O

Ran a gel of the pMAL PCR products --> very faint bands

Used pMAL PCR products as template for another PCR reaction

Ligated LacP1-GFP and transformed using our own TOP10 competent cells


Excessive growth of 1-6G and 1-12O plates --> amp plates are possibly bad

Gel extraction LacP1, GFP, Linear Tet backbone plasmid restriction digest products

Ran a gel of digestion and ligation products; conclusion: linear plasmid PCR products are bad. Also threw out other assortment of degraded DNA.

3A Assembly using 1 ug of starting DNA.

Poured new Tet and Chl plates


Followed Knight's 3A Assembly for LacP1-GFP part --> No growth


3A Assembly using Knight protocol restriction digests --> but replaced linear backbone plasmid with circular plasmid miniprepped from IGEM kit


LACP1 with GFP in CP-C yielded good results

Ligations (CP1, LACP1, LACPI1 with GFP1 in CP-C)

Redid PCR of CHS3 for pMAL insert