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Liam Wilson attended St John’s College Johannesburg and was elected a prefect in his final year. Currently, he is an honours student in the philosophy department at Wits University. His main interests lie in philosophy of science and emergent technologies, metaphysics and ethics. He is also an Arts Ambassador for Wits and is a passionate supporter of the Arts.

Liam is actively involved with the refugee community in Johannesburg and is a proud supporter of animal rights. He is also active in protecting Johannesburg’s parks. Liam is also a dedicate tracuer, and strives to increase the discipline’s recognition and public standing. Through the parkour community in South Africa, Liam is planning on introducing parkour as an after-school activity at underprivileged schools in Johannesburg.

He is also an enthusiastic road runner and hopes to compete in his first Comrades Marathon next year. He is an avid reader and as especially fond of sci-fi novels.