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[[Image:Geeske.JPG|thumb| me & my niece]]
[[Image:Geeske.JPG|thumb| me & my niece]]
Hey Everybody,
Hey Everybody,

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iGEM Groningen 2010

pushing coatings into a greener future

me & my niece

Hey Everybody,

I'm Geeske, a master student in Molecular biology and Biotechnology in Groningen with one year to go. My background is a chemistry bachelor with a major in biochemistry. After watching others participating in iGEM-teams the last two years, this year I finally had time myself to join this great team! I'll be helping getting some funding for our not-yet-decided-but-sure-to-be fantastic project! I'm looking forward to a summer full of work&fun and a great jamboree in November!

Greetz Geeske