UTDallas/19 October 2010

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  • Test digestion and then gel electrophoresis for this weekend's ligations: results were good. All the parts were at the expected length
  • Digested the random part (BBa_J04450) with XbaI and PstI to get just the backbone, pSB1C3, then ran gel electrophoresis (took only the top band ~2050bp) and ran gel purification: results were good.
  • Both parts were ran on the same gel. The test digestion is the left three bands and the pSB1C3 is the right bands.
  • Ligated the pSB1C3 to PyeaR+GFP and PyeaR+RFP
  • Incubated GFP overnight for miniprepping and digestion tomorrow to ligate to the alkane sensor