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iGEM Groningen

The International Genetically Engineerde Machine Competition is a annually held synthetic biology competition for undergraduates from all over the world. Teams aim combine biology and engineering so that they are able to design, create and operate biological circuits within living organisms. Important in this iGEM field of synthetic biology are of course the projects an sich, but synthetic biology is about more than biological systems only: Using modelling techniques hypothetical systems can be explored or existing systems optimized, human perspectives are important to asses possibilities of implementing systems to fix real life problems and education will help the broader public to gain an understanding of the how's, why's and what's of synthetic biology.

But most of all iGEM is about fun, creativity and thinking out of the box. That's why the team of Groningen is excited to get starting on our project for this years iGEM competition. Our team of 12 undergraduate students will try to create some new perspectives on biological engineering by creating a self assembling hydrophobic biofilm using bascillus subtilus colonies.

For more info, check the iGEM website [1] and our first updates on the project [2].