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'''2010 iGEM Teams by Continent'''<br>
'''2010 iGEM Teams'''<br>
38 Teams From Europe<br>
38 Teams From Europe<br>
37 Teams From the U.S.<br>
37 Teams From the U.S.<br>

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2010 Team Map

130 Teams across the globe are participating in this year's iGEM competition! Take a look at our interactive Team Map to see where they're all from.

2010 iGEM Teams
38 Teams From Europe
37 Teams From the U.S.
34 Teams From Asia
10 Teams From Canada
4 Teams From Latin America
4 Teams From Australia
1 Team From Africa

iGEM 2010 Team Meetups

In previous years, iGEM Teams have organized meetups and get-togethers to discuss their projects and get to know each other outside of official iGEM events. This year was no different, and we expect to see this trend continue as iGEM grows.

  • aGEM Jamboree - September 11-12, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada