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NanoDrop Spectrophotometer

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Nanodrop can be used to measure the DNA, RNA and protein.

Measure the concentration and purity of extracted DNA using absorbance (using the automated nanodrop machine!)

The ideal concentration of DNA is 150 ng/ml!


  1. Log onto computer and select Nanodrop program from the desktop (ND 1000)
  2. To clean Nanodrop machine wipe pedestal and top and add 3 µl of water to nib of pedestal. Press blank.
  3. Wipe the water off, to initialise/equalizen? the equipment add 3 μl of the elution buffer [EB] used in the sample and press blank. Set to DNA-50 for DNA.
  4. Wipe to remove buffer and apply 3 μl of sample to nib. Press measure.
  5. If dealing with multiple samples, clean the equipment with water at regular intervals (about every 10 samples)
  6. After measurements, clean the equipment with 3 μl of water on the spectrometer and press blank. Wipe and log off.
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