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Cooperation with USTC wet team

It's always a good experience working with our wet team through the whole summer. During the process of iGEM 2010, we learn from each other and help each other to achieve more! This year we cooperate with USTC team in modeling and human practice. Read the following sections for more details.


This year the team of USTC focuses on the construction a Host-cell-free Reaction Chamber using Synthetic Biology methods. We help them to visualize an artificial organelle of capacity. For more details, please refer to our wet team's modeling page.

Human Practice

iGEM2010 China Meetup Shanghai

Something amazing happened at Shanghai this summer...

Help with surveys

Penn State & Warsaw Team

This year Penn State iGEM team created a survey about Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) in Agriculture. The survey included questions about where and when GMOs should be used, GMOs containing a lysis device, and other questions dealing with the use of GMOs. USTC Software iGEMers are happy to be participants in the survey, and we wish a good result will come out! We also help team Warsaw fill out their survey forms.

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