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An Integrated Platform Based on Bacterial Microcompartment for de novo Proteinaceous Artificial Organelles

Below are the results of the questionnaire answered by people before the talk. The first two questions are about people’s attitude towards genetic manipulation. The results somewhat worry us. As they show, more than a half of the students resist genetically modified food and are terrified when hearing that something is genetically modified. Probably, they will show similar concern towards what we are doing in the area of synthetic biology. On the other hand, as the third question shows, students show much enthusiasm for gene manipulation. So there is a pressing need for us to help them form an objective view of synthetic biology. To achieve this goal, we held comprehensive talk about synthetic biology. (for more information >>) The fourth question shows the impact of synthetic biology on human health concerns students most. In general, this concern can be divided into two parts: what synthetic biology can do to benefit us and what harm it may do. For the first part, many gold-winning projects of previous years have shown its great potential. As for the second part, it really worries us whether the microcompartment we’ve synthesized may raise safety issues in terms of public health and environment. So we decided to do something to estimate the risks. (for more information>>>) The fifth result really cheers us, for it shows that about 3/4 students involved tend to show a responsible attitude towards scientific research.