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An Integrated Platform Based on Bacterial Microcompartment for de novo Proteinaceous Artificial Organelles


A fusion protein is the product of joining two genes or two proteins /peptides together. This is achieved through the creation of a fusion gene which is done through the new standard enzyme digestion of both the plasmids and the ligation of them. If it is two proteins that will be joined together, then a linker or spacer peptide will also be added due to our standard. This would usually make it more likely for the proteins to fold independently and behave as it should be.

According to the standard assembly, biobrick is flanked by restriction sites, comprised of the BioBrick Prefix and Suffix, between the EcoRI and XbaI cutting sites on the left and SpeI and PstI on the right. However, in our experiments, the biobricks were produced by the new standard, containing the SacI, SapI and EarI cutting sites. Though the standard assembly is designed reasonable, it sticks into troubles when coming to the fusion proteins. With the help of our new standard, fusion proteins, which are used for the identification, localization and purification of BMC, were better expressed and utilized. Our project consist of a RFP protein, a GFP protein, a GST protein or HIS protein.