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September, 29th

Assay Team

We analyzed plates spread in the before chemotaxis assay. There were not colonies in plates coming from non succinate cubicles. That could meant that P. putida KT2442 needs succinate as energy source to show chemotaxis behavior. We wanted to study if the results were reproducible and in this case they were not. It was supposed that needles with the same content and in the same cubicle should have shown a similar number of colonies in the results. But only in the 10mM Asp + Succ cubicle that was truth. We had to continue working on the design of the chemotaxis assays to achieve reproducible results. Finally we could observe a tendency to increase the number of bacteria in needles with aspartate (in cubicles with succinate). Nonetheless, owing to the non reproducible results, we could not admit that like a success.

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