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September, 10th

Production Team

David Caballero. We change some conditions to improve our PCR results:

  • We used new Pfu enzyme, buffer and dNTP.
  • Templates: we diluted the high concentrated fragment (1/10) and used 2ul instead of 1ul of the low concentrated one.

0’8% gel electrophoresis analysis showed a line of 1Kb, which is the length of fecR. There was also a 0’2Kb line. It looked like that the new conditions carried us to the goal. We had to isolate from gel the new part.

Assembly Team

We realized a new ligation of the failed biobricks and digested not available biobricks (2+6) and vectors (pSB1C3 and pSB1T3).

Assay Team

We develop different assays by changing different features; the plates are incubated overnight.

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