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August, 2nd

Production Team

Paola Gallardo. We started a new round of PCR for SDM, but this time we prepared five samples of each one. We run an electrophoresis to check the products and we have only get positive results for fecI-fecR.

David Caballero. SDM is made by two PCR reactions. We performed the first PCR reactions for fecA*, gltD** and fecI-fecR* parts. gltD** had two restriction enzyme target. One of them was really near of start codon so we would get it out of there using a longer primer which overlapped the target site. After PCR reactions were performed, samples were running in electrophoresis gel. All samples were perfect. We purified samples from gel and performed the second SDM PCR reaction for each part. Results would be analyzed the next day.

Assembly Team

Mr Gene has come! YIPPEE!!.

Today has been a hard day: On the one hand we have made colony PCR (candidates colonies: 12+2, 12+19, 18+3 and 1+19): unsuccessful results, our PCR are contaminated. On the other hand some biobriks are digested, ligated and transformated (2+4,2+5,2+6,2+7, 4+2,5+2,6+2,7+2,11+2,2+3 y 11+19).

DryLab Team

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