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July, 30th

Production Team

Paola Gallardo. We got white colonies in gltD plates (not too much) and red and white colonies (most of them were red) in fecI-fecR plates. We analyzed the colonies by PCR and electrophoresis (0'8 % agarose gel). Negatives results. At the same time, we made the second round of the PCR reactions for the SDM, but this time we used Taq polymerase. Positive results.

David Caballero. We purified plasmids with fecA* inserts of the day before inocula. We digested plasmids and analyzed by 0.8% agarose gel electrophoresis. We got one positive, so we had a new part to make side-directed mutagenesis (SDM). Remember that fecA* had a PstI target which would be removed.

Assembly Team

No colonies in transformation plates (UPO1+2).Ligation and transformation of devices: UPO12+UPO19; UPO13+UPO3 and UPO18+UPO3. Transformation of UPO1+UPO19. Colony PCR with bacteria which grew yesterday (UPO 12+2; UPO1+19 and UPO13+3). We put inocula and spread in a plate.

DryLab Team

Wiki: First implementations of Notebook calendar worked on.

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