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July, 29th

Production Team

Paola Gallardo. Transformation of the ligation products in E. coli DH5-α and waited one night to see the results.

David Caballero. To verify that our original sample of fecA*, amplified by PCR using E. coli genome like template, was not problem we analyzed by 0.8% agarose gel electrophoresis: first fecA* PCR product and two digestion products of this one. Also we did colony PCR and electrophoresis analysis to some white colonies we found in the first plate in which we tried to transform E. coli with fecA*. The banding pattern showed that fecA* PCR product and its digestions were perfect. Moreover we had two candidate from colony PCR analysis. We set up inocula from them and isolated in plate to verify the next day.

Assembly Team

We make miniprep of some plasmids and vectors. Digestion and ligation of 1+19 and 18+3. Transformation of 1+19, 2+12, 12+19, 13+3.

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