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The Gist

Synthetic Biology has been enabling changes in all bio-domains, one such being communication. Cellular communication has relied since time immemorial on chemical messengers to exchange information. As such, these messengers regardless of their scope, are constrained to a chemical system; even far reaching messengers such as hormones are bound within the chemical system that is the human body. But this mode is about to change.

In this project, our goal is to render the chemical barrier deprecated by using a non-chemical messenger: photons. These will transport information between cells that have been designed to sense and emit light, thus creating a photon-based inter-cellular communication system.

These messengers are produced through bio-luminescent reactions, and are quite capable of traversing multiple environments. Consecuently, this enables the propagation of information beyond the chemical, biological and even spatial restrictions. As the messenger is effectively decoupled from the chemical layer, it is a natural step in the communications bridge between organic-based and silicon-based systems, such as computers.

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