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The 2010 UIUC-Illinois iGEM team is primarily self-administrated. Three returning members (Meagan Musselman, Steve Waltersdorf, and Francis Lee) organized recruiting, applications, and choosing of a new team. They then lead discussion leading to project selection. Each member has contributed significantly through lab work as well as administrative efforts, particularly fundraising and grant writing (Tom Hsaio, Francis Lee, and Steve Waltersdorf), publicity (Amanda Chang), financial organization (Bob Cooper), coordinating the wiki (Matt Entler) and writing newsletters (Erin Borchardt).


We have four advisors who have been incredibly helpful and supportive. Starting during the spring and continuing until the Jamboree, the team has had bi-weekly hour long meetings with Dr. Chris Rao, Dr. Yong-Su Jin, Joanne Manaster, and Courtney Evans.

Dr. Rao and Dr. Jin have been extremely helpful in providing advice on trouble shooting lab procedures and structuring the presentation.

Dr. Jin has been gracious enough to support our work within his own lab space, and and has even taken steps to ensure that the next year's team will continue to have their own dedicated lab space.

Courtney Evans has been extremely helpful with administrative questions and providing contacts.

Joanne Manaster has helped arrange outreach events such as GAMES camp and the Surrounded By Science TV Show. She has been very supportive in this area and discussed with our team the ethical implications of synthetic biology and how best to interact with the public.

Bacterial strains were donated by the Slaugh and Vanderpool labs, located on the University of Illinois - Urbana Champaign campus. We have also contacted several other professors across the UIUC campus who have all been extremely gracious and willing to discuss research with us.

Further Support

Our team would not be where we are today without the support of The Institute for Genomic Biology and its director Doctor Harris Lewin. The IGB has continually supported our undergraduate research though funding and lab space.

We have received generous product donations particularly from Promega, and also from Thermo Fisher, Corning, Midsci, and Life Technologies. Please see our home page for logos and links!

We are also extremely grateful for other on campus support that we have received from the Design Council or College of Engineering and The Student Organization Resource Fee (SORF).


The University of Illinois Bioware Team has collaborated with a number of different iGEM teams this year.

UIUC Software

  • We have worked closely with our sister team in many aspects, including recruitment, system testing and diagnostics, fundraising, etc. Neither team would be where they are now without the significant amount of collaboration that happened this year.

Project Advice:

  • Email threads and video conferences were held with Peking University and Purdue University to discuss problems and to trade suggestions and advice.


  • The team participated in surveys hosted by the University of Warsaw team, the Middle East Technical University Software team, and the University of Edinburgh team to assist in their own bioethical projects.