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Artist's Visit- Week 8

16th - 22nd August 2010


We were honored today as our artists/designers David Bennett and Guilia Ricci visited us in the labs. It was their first real glimpse into our workings in the lab and this was a great opportunity for them to understand and get a feeling first hand what the project is about. They were both inspired and enjoyed themselves very much. We first gave them a tour of the Lab where most of our work was being carried out and also gave them the chance to carry out a transformation. We then covered some basic lab skills. This was followed by a brief tour of the Fermentation facilities that we had where we explained further our hopes to successfully characterize our genetic circuit in the fermenters. We finished the day off with a meeting to finalize a few of the draft designs they had come up with and that was it till next time.


Later in the week, we held a meeting at one of London's iconic locations. The Shakespeare's Head was honored to host us. Before we knew it, we had spent many hours discussing the rapid progression of our project. The meeting stretched for 3 hours during which we covered some of the most important targets we had and as usual set out our usual targets for the coming week.

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