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Our team has three sub-groups with different projects going on. The final project will be determined latest by August. Here are our meeting minutes starting from July.

Team 1: GoldenLi

Date: Jul-22, 2010

Last meeting, we try to use e-coli to secrete β-carotene, but we found that some biotech company had published this idea already.

So we decide to change our way:

  • Use bacteria to deal the sewage problem
  • Combine two igem biobrick, which are 2008 Chiba time manager and 2009UCSF Motile cellular robots.
  • Use the system that the bacteria which can secrete the biofilm combined with our original idea that secretβ-carotene.
  • use nano size silver ion to use at antibacterial
  • creat a bacteria which could make there own Magnetic field

Date: Jul-19, 2010

Date: Jul-10, 2010

Our idea is using E.coli to synthesis β-carotene and secret it out of E.coli.
There are two main parts we have to do with this idea.

  • Synthesisβ-carotene in E.coli. There’s a biobrick, BBa_K274210, which used to synthesize β-carotene is publish by 2009 Cambirdge team.
  • The most difficult part of this idea is that we have to find the secretion mechanisms of E.coli, so this part divided into two major ways and we have to search for much more detail .

(1) Signal peptide: find a meet signal peptide for our idea. And find out where should it be cloned.
(2) E.coli: whether E.coli has the ability to exocytosis? Can it be used in secretion of β-carotene in E.coli?

Team 2: Poseidon - Save the World

Date: Jul-19, 2010

  • Team leader introduces subgroup project, the project idea came from the recent massive oil leak in Gulf of Mexico
  • Project introduction could be found here
  • Plan to write to professor in German and Tianjin to obtain cyanobacteria and vectors for the project

Team 3: Saycar sata'os

Date: Jul-19, 2010