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iGEM Tokyo Tech 2010 "E.coli with Humanity"

Wolf coli

Overview of new series of OmpC promoters

We constructed BioBrick parts of the new series of osmoregulative promoters which are derivatives of the wild type OmpC promoter. The new series of promoters are PompC(C), PompC(CB) and PompC(CS1). In order to measure the strength of each promoter we used GFP as a reporter. We found that expression of GFP in OmpC(CB) and OmpC(CS1) promoters increased in high osmolarity medium comparing with the expression in low osmolarity medium. In contrast, under same conditions, there is no significant difference of GFP expression in OmpC(C) and OmpC(WT) promoters.

  • New BioBrick Parts
Figure 1. The induction of new OmpC series in high osmolarity medium

We succeeded in designing 2 news osmoregulative promoters, OmpC(CB) and OmpC(CS1), which can also be utilized in light sensitive system.