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Tec de Monterrey

The team is composed by ten 7th semester Biotechnology Engineering students at Tec de Monterrey, Campus Monterrey.

iGEM Team

José Argüelles José Alberto Argüelles Piña “The Boxer”
This quiet student from Chihuahua, Chihuahua was in charge of conducting the final construct of the project. His specialty is in the area of bioprocesses.
Likes: talking to himself

Pamela Campos Pamela Campos Flores “The Mommy”
This little package of wonder is a Biotechnology Student specialized in bioprocesses. Currently on an exchange program in the United States, her motivation kept the whole team working throughout the summer and the lab impecable. Likes: taking care of everybody, giving advice
Dislikes: crossing the street,

Cristóbal Cevallos Julio Cristóbal Cevallos Escobar “The President”
Likes: greeting people
Dislikes: milk, mayo, most of the white things that exist in the world.

Jan Contreras Jan Marte Contreras Ortíz “The Mathematician”
Likes: theater,

Héctor Gálvez José Héctor Gálvez López “The Organizer”
Likes: having all thing under control, fonts, books
Dislikes: shopping,

Andrés Huerta Andrés Huerta Monsiváis “The Disturbed”

Tatiana Núñez Tatiana Jocelyn Núñez Elizondo “The Star”
Likes: being refined,

Diana Ostos Diana Ostos Rangel “The Intense”
Likes: flying
Dislikes: hanging out with gossipy girls

Javier Reynoso Javier Francisco Reynoso Lobo “The ”
Likes: Naoli

Flavio Siller Luis Flavio Siller Rodríguez “The Nice Guy”
Currently in an exchange program in France, it is among the ones who would make it to the Jamboree; however he is excited that Tec-Monterrey would do its first appereance in iGEM!
Likes: being nice, Montse
Dislikes: his lack of opportunity to go to the Jamboree :(