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Tec de Monterrey

The following people hold a very special place in our team. Without their help and support in this project, things wouldn’t have come out the way that they did. To all of them, our most sincere gratitude!

  • Dr. Martín Hernández
  • Dr. Marco Rito Palomares
  • M.Sc. Juan Gerardo Cantú
  • Dr. Guy A. Cardineau
  • Lic. Myriam Robledo
  • Lic. Belinda Vargas Heredia
  • C.P. Claudia Dávila Ramos
  • Dra. Bertha de la Re
  • M.Sc. Yuriana Oropeza Almazán
  • Ing. Gabriela González Romero
  • Lic. Pamela Sánchez
  • Lic. Priscilla García
  • C.P. Laura M. Suárez
  • C.P. Mario González
  • Elsita Salas Cabello
  • Sra. Ethel Peniche Arjona
  • Biól. Ramón E. Rivero
  • Lic. Martha Carrillo
  • Ing. Flora Piña
  • Carlos Alberto Silva Ruiz
  • All of our biotech friends
  • Our families