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Tec de Monterrey

All of these people hold a very special place in the iGEM Tec de Monterrey Team. Without their help in this project, things wouldn’t have come out the way they did, so here’s to them!

  • Dr. Marco Rito Palomares
  • Dr. Guy A. Cardineau
  • Dr. Martín Hernández
  • M.Sc. Juan Gerardo Cantú
  • Myriam Robledo
  • Belinda Vargas
  • Claudia García
  • Bertha de la Re
  • Yuriana Oropeza Almazán
  • Gaby
  • Pamela Sánchez
  • Priscilla García
  • Laura Suárez
  • Contador
  • Elsita Salas Cabello
  • Diana’s Grandma
  • Diana’s Mom
  • Ramón
  • Martha Carrillo
  • Carlos
  • All of our biotech friends
  • Our families
  • UNAM Team

To all of you, our most sincere gratitude again.