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Tec de Monterrey


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Wiki wiki

Wiki Wiki is our team mascot. It is a peacock that lives happily in the school and has achieved its notoriety by squeaking loudly at preposterous times and by angrily blocking the entrance to our working place, the Biotech Center.

He is quite a random character of the institution and has a family of equally crazy peacocks wandering around the school. Wiki Wiki totally loves to show off as you can see on this amateur video of him getting on top of a fence to prove that he totally rules over the school or this other video in which he proves that he owns the library as well.

Wiki Wiki won over the other school fauna (deers, squirrels, ducks, cats...) to be the official iGEM Team Mascot just because he has way more attitude than the rest of them and while the other walk around being almost imperceptible and boring, he goes with his big tail and plumage intimidating every living creature that dares to cross his way. And for that, we truly respect him.