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TU M-Munich Fahne.jpg
Population: 1.330.440
Founded: 1158
Area: 310.43km²
Elevation: 519m

TU M-Munich Panorama.jpg
  • capital city of Bavaria in Germany
  • on the river Isar in the northern alpine foreland
  • continental climate modified by the proximity of the alps
  • Germany's third largest city
  • candidate for the 2018 winter olympics


TU M-Garching Fahne.jpg
Population: 15.451
Founded: first time mentioned in 915 as Gouvirihhinga
Area: 28.61km²
Elevation: 481m

TU M-Garching Panorama.jpg
  • became a city on 1990-09-14
  • Garching lies 10km to the north of Munich
  • the municipal district Garching-Hochbrück is an important industrial center for the whole region
  • in the north of Garching is the TU Munich

TU Munich

TU M-TUM Logo.jpg
Founded: 1868 as polytechnical school by king Ludwig II. of bavaria
No. of Students: ~21,600
No. of professors: 395


  • the only technical university in bavaria
  • three main locations: Munich, Garching and Freising/Weihenstephan
  • integrated in the bavarian elite network
  • 2006 TU Munich became one of the successsful universities in Germanies excellence initiative
  • to 16 members of the TU Munich the Nobel Prize has already been awarded


Haissi Cui

TU M-TUM Logo.jpg

Age: 23
Studies: biochemistry

TU M-Haissi2.PNG
Hobbies: iGEM is my hobby right now
Favorite food: I like Jiaozi. With sauerkraut filling!
Favorite game: maybe Scrabble. But I lose quite often.
Favorite sport: I like to swim
Favorite bar: Bens, Clemenstraße 7, 80803 Munich
Favorite film: Kill Bill
Favorite book: I like the newspaper "DIE ZEIT".

Christoph Hartlmüller

TU M-Christoph1.JPG

Age: 24
Studies: biochemistry

TU M-Christoph2.jpg

Hobbies: skiing, playing soccer with friends or do some computer stuff
Favorite food: every bavarian food from "Hendl" to "Schweinshaxn"
Favorite drink: a bavarian beer, called "Augustiner"
Favorite country for holidays: the philipines and vietnam
Favorite game: "Nobody is perfect"

Sebastian Gude

TU M-TUM Logo.jpg

Age: 25
Studies: physics

TU M-TUM Logo.jpg

Hobbies: Sailing
Favorite food: Curd Cheese
Favorite bar: Aumeister
Favorite sport: Jogging
Favorite film: Sin City
Favorite book: "Less than Zero" by Bret Easton Ellis

Jan Schüürmann


Age: 24
Studies: biochemistry

TU M-Jan2.jpg
Hobbies: soccer, chess, reading, skiing, badminton
Favorite food: mousse au chocolat
Favorite drink: apple juice with sparkling water
Favorite game: Scrabble
Favorite film: Lord of War
Favorite book: "König der purpurnen Stadt" (Rebecca Gablé)
Favorite country for holiday: Italy

Tobias Wauer

TU M-TUM Logo.jpg

Age: 24
Studies: biochemistry

TU M-Tobias2.jpg
Hobbies: Travelling, loving history, discussing, sports
Favorite food: after some time staying in Oxford, I gonna miss my bavarian „white sausages“…
Favorite drink: a tasty Franziskaner „wheat beer“
Favorite bar: Gerti’s Schoppenstüberl, Fraunhoferstrasse 41, 80469 Munich
Favorite film: Everything from Stanley Kubrick is simply amazing!

Tilman Flock

TU M-TUM Logo.jpg

Age: 23
Studies: biotechnology

TU M-Tilman2.JPG

Favorite food:what I like most is chinese or indian food
Hobbies: climbing, badminton, volleyball, and of course, to fit the cliché, soccer!
Favorite game: Risk (the board game)
Favorite bar: Oktoberfest :)
Favorite book: Peter Atkins "marvelous stories about physical chemistry"

Philipp Wortmann

TU M-TUM Logo.jpg

Age: 23
Studies: biochemistry

TU M-Philipp2.JPG
Favorite sports: handball, tennis
Favorite food: curly kale with bacon, sausages and sweet fried potatoes.
Favorite drink: pils
Favorite bar: X-cess – closed at the moment :(
Favorite country for holiday: it has to be warm and sunny without any other tourists
Favorite film: Fight club, Lammbock
Favorite book: "Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy"

Florian Praetorius

TU M-TUM Logo.jpg

Age: 25
Studies: biochemistry

TU M-TUM Logo.jpg
Hobbies: Soccer, Computer Games
Favorite food: Pretzels and Laugengebäck and Geschnetzeltes with Spätzle maybe?
Favorite drink: Beer - especially Tannenzäpfle
Favorite game: maybe Scrabble? And Sudokus, Riddles with numbers, oh, I like all games!
Favorite book: Terry Pratchett Books and many other

E. coli

TU M-Ecoli1.jpg

Age: 0.083
Studies: Protein expression science

TU M-Ecoli2.jpg
Favorite sports: Swimming in LB
Favorite food: LB
Favorite drink: LB
Favorite country for holiday: large intestine
Favorite game: Pretending to be a computer using bioLOGICS


Friedrich Simmel

TU M-Simmel1.jpeg

Age: 40
Occupation: Full Professor, Biophysics

TU M-TUM Logo.jpg

Hobbies: science
Favorite food: bavarian food
Favorite bar: anything without dance music
Favorite film: Blade Runner
Favorite book: by Dostojewskij, Murakami, Neal Stephenson

Sina Straub

TU M-Sina1.jpg

Age: 25
Current position: PhD-student in mathematics

TU M-Sina2.jpg
Hobbies: sports, photography, languages, travelling
Favorite food: something asian, maybe curry
Favorite film: Le fabuleux destin d'Amelie Poulain (english title: Amelie)
Favorite book:"Wie der Hunger in die Welt kam" (orginal: "La faim dans le monde expliquée à mon fils"), Jean Ziegler

Andrea Meyer

TU M-TUM Logo.jpg

Age: 29
Current position: PhD-student in biophysics

TU M-TUM Logo.jpg
Favorite sports: volleyball, badminton in the summer, skiing in the winter
Favorite food: pasta
Favorite drink: against the cliche of germans: wine
Favorite bar: Substanz, Ruppertstr. 28, 80337 Munich
Favorite country for holiday: Italy
Favorite book: "Born on a blue day: Inside the extraordinary mind of an autistic savant", Daniel Tammet