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TUM2010 Fun1.PNG
Don't take your E. coli everywhere - they might smell bad.
TUM2010 Fun2.PNG
Don't put your E. coli on your sophisticated laser apparatus - you might regret it and it might smell bad.
TUM2010 Fun3.PNG
Don't put your E. coli to close to your Millipore ion exchanger - the water quality might suffer.
TUM2010 Fun4.PNG
Don't vortex your E. coli cells too hard - they might puke and this is not nice...
TUM2010 Fun5.PNG
Don't spoil your E. coli cells everwhere - keep your stuff clean!
TUM2010 Fun6.PNG
If you put your E. coli cells into a fluorimeter and try to repeat our in vivo measurements and then wonder why they don't work - well may be crossed the OD600 of 0.05.
TUM2010 Fun7.PNG
If you don't understand why you only measure noise and ask your E. coli - most likely it won't tell you anything new...
TUM2010 Fun8.PNG
Colony PCR!
TUM2010 Fun9.PNG
Again, don't spill everywhere.
TUM2010 Fun10.PNG
In the end of the day, enjoy your beer. Don't let E. coli get into your way...

The E. coli cell in use was a kind gift of Melissa Groll from the Biochemistry Department of the TU Munich, who took a pity in poor Biochemists being deplaced into the world of Biophysics. The cell itself was grown by RIESENmikroben TM. No E. coli cells were harmed during the shooting of those photos. Some were harmed during our labwork...