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During the iGEM competition we will make several educational movies, which will be shown here:

iGEM TU Delft 2010: An Overview

For our final presentation we made a movie about our summer, focusing on our Human Practice Activities.

iGEM game: Pimp your bacterium

SynBio workshops during the annual science day

Night of the Nerds @ NEMO: Perception on Synthetic Biology

iGEM TU Delft @ NEMO's Night of the Nerds

Interview with Pierre Wind - Dutch celebrity Chef (in Dutch, subtitles still to follow)

Interview Patricia Osseweijer

iGEM TU Delft 2010 team for "Who owns you?"

David Koepsel together with Taylor Roesch interviewed the iGEM TU Delft 2010 team for their new documentary "Who owns you" on DNA patenting. More information on the film's website

BioSafety: Interview with Lesley Robertson, our Biological Safety Advisor

iGEM TU Delft @ the Delft Science Centre

One of the exhibitions in the Science Centre is the Biotechnology room, created in collaboration with the TU Delft iGEM team (us!). Upon entering the visitor is overwhelmed by a wall full of colorful microorganisms, a sneak peak into the amazing microscopic world. As soon as you find out how to use the photo plates in the flow cabinet, the screens in the cabinet show informative movies about several important microorganisms.

Interview with Karel Luyben, Rector Magnificus @ TU Delft

iGEM & Nanopodium

The iGEM TU Delft 2010 team together with Nanopodium made a movie for the Nanovideohunt - A game for high-school students to learn more about nano-technology (with English subtitles)

Credits: Ventevogel Mediaconcepten, Hakuna Matata & Deksels.

Dutch National News broadcast

On June 16th the NOS did an interview with us on our project subject: Oil degradation using microorganisms. They were interested in the project because of the ongoing BP oil spill. We have added English subtitles for your convenience.

Lab Remix part 1

This is how we interpret songs during lab work.

Lab Remix part 2

The DLT song will take you into the laboratorium world of iGEM. Join us with our Digestions, Ligations and Transformations, and keep your figers crossed in the hope that you'll get colonies.