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RBS Characterization Results

The resulting production rates (Beta from the model), are plotted in the boxplot below:

TUDelft2010 Rbs strength boxplot.png

The given relative strengths are displayed assuming B0034 as the unit (The standard as used by the partsregistry). B0032 is defined to have a strength of 0.3. Therefore in the plot below, the mean value of B0032 is fixed on 0.3.

RBS Mean strength Standard deviation
J61100 0.026560 0.005126
J61117 0.123819 0.024725
J61101 0.081210 0.013402
J61107 0.019763 0.003963
J61127 0.069657 0.007422
B0032 0.300000 0.028316