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Metabolic Flux Analysis

A metabolic flux analysis is an analysis to calculate the theoretical maximal yields for a proposed system of pathways in a micro-organism. With this analysis it is also possible to determine whether a system is inviable because of a co-factor imbalance. Lastly, several product pathways were introduced to E. coli along with the hydrocarbon degradation from our biobricks to see what the maximal theoretical yields on hydrocarbons are.

How a metabolic flux analysis works, is explained here.

For our MFA a Matlab application, Cell Net Analyzer, was used. CNA already contains a standard simplified E. coli metabolic network. This network was slightly changed and hydrocarbon degradation was added to it. See the full network here. The resulting network is the network used for adding additional pathways.

Implemented pathways

Visualization of pathways

refer to detailed results page here

Detailed MFA results

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