Team:TU Delft/9 June 2010


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Lab work

BioBrick stocks

We got the first colonies, and they're red! Hurray!

Yesterday we grew colonies containing the vector backbones (which contain RFP). Today one colony from each plate was picked and cultivated in liquid (4 mL LB + 4 μL antibiotic) as well as solid LB medium (+20 μL antibiotic) with the corresponding antibiotic to grow overnight.

Thias purified the PCR products.

Red colonies

Strain Characterization

By Hugo

Today we tried to revive our strain. We added some water to the lyophilized powder. And we plated some microliters (100 ul) from the dispersion obtained on LB agar, E2 agar with octane and E2 with glucose. Let's hope for the best!. Growing temperature: 30º C Return to the calendar