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Lab work

Ordered DNA stocks

We harvested the 200 mL bacterial cells of the 16 DNA parts. We used 3 mL of the bacterial cells to make -80 °C stocks. With the rest we centrifuged at 4,000 rmp for 15 minutes and stored the pellets in the -20 °C.

Characterization of Anderson RBS sequences

Tuesday's ligation products containing I13401 and the 5 Anderson RBS plasmids (J61100, J61101, J61107, J61117, J61127) yielded successful transformants. Single colony PCRs were performed and indicated the presence of inserts with the proper lengths. These colonies were further plated out to yield reincultures for subsequent characterization.

Alkane degradation

Today we got the Gas Chromatograph working, we could identify several peaks. Now we are ready for the real experiments!

Team TU Delft GCtest.PNG