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We tried to compensate for yesterdays delays. We transformed 15 Biobricks from the distribution plates!

Some PCR reactions were performed on short BioBrick inserts which would eventually save time in the long-run (compared to transforming and plasmid isolation). The BioBricks involved were J61100, J61101, J61107, J61117, J61127 and B0034.

The protocol was as follows:

- uL
Master Mix 25
BB template (10x diluted) 1
Primers G00100 and G00101 3
H20 18

The PCR reaction was run at varying annealing temperatures to figure out which temperature gave the best result. After analysis on gel we deduced that a temperature of 50 degrees Celsius was optimal.

At the end of the day we performed a digestion reaction on the amplified PCR products as well as the previously isolated I13401 and pSB3C5. The general protocol was as follows:

Restriction enzyme 1 unit per 1 ug DNA
Digestion buffer H 2 uL
DNA As deemed necessary
H20 to a total volume of 20 uL

Mixtures were incubated at 37 degrees for 2.5 hours and stored at 4 degrees overnight.