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Alkane degradation

BioBrick production continued

A transformation of yesterday's ligation products was done in TOP10 competent cells, and grown on LB-TET plates overnight. Hopefully we will have some colonies tomorrow.

Characterization of Anderson RBS sequences

Assembly of reference construct

Single colony PCRs were performed on the transformants obtained yesterday. These were loaded onto 1% agarose gel (see gel below)


Lane description:

# Description Expected Length (bp) Remarks
1 SmartLadder (5 μL) Varying Visible
2 J23100-B0030-I13401 colony 1 Not visible
3 J23100-B0030-I13401 colony 2 Not visible
4 J23100-B0030-I13401 colony 3 Not visible
5 J23100-B0030-I13401 colony 4 Not visible
6 J23100-B0030-I13401 colony 5 Not visible
7 I13401 ligation control colony 1 Not visible
8 I13401 ligation control colony 2 Visible
9 I13401 ligation control colony 3 Not visible
10 I13401 digestion control colony 1 Visible
11 I13401 digestion control colony 2 Visible
12 K081005 colony 1 Visible
13 K081005 colony 2 Visible
14 K081005 colony 3 Visible
15 BioRad EZ Load Varying Visible
16 PCR product of E0240 Visible
17 PCR product of E0240 Visible
18 PCR product of E0240 Visible