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iGEM 2010: TU Delft Home

Upcoming Events

May 12th

Our next meeting: We will be presenting initial action plans for each subpart of our project

Our Sponsors

The Team

Yes! We've got our team together! 9 undergraduates together with # advisors have cleared their schedules until September in order to work on iGEM. Want to get to know us? Have a look at our team page

The Project

This year the TU Delft team will take a more worldly approach by making an attempt on improving the environment by creating biobricks that will facilitate hydrocarbon degradation in aqueous environments. More information on our project will follow soon!

This wiki is under construction!
OIL DEGRADATION... Translation of the above displayed article will be posted as soon as the Dutch-speaker members check this
Translation: Students from Delft take a shot at aiding to solve the Mexican Gulf Oil crisis!

In the coming months students from the Delft Technical University will work on creating a bacterium that can degrade oil. With this they will compete against other international top universities in the “International Genetically Engineerd Machine” (iGEM) competition, an international competition in the area of synthetic biology. In November they will present their findings during the iGEM Jamboree, at MIT in Boston.

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Official Team Profile