Team:Stockholm/21 October 2010




Coomassie Blue staining Protein A

I poured of the coomassie stain and poured destaining in the box with the gel. I leaft this for about 1 h and then took a picture of the Tris-gel.

Arragement on gel:



Results: Unfortunately there are no bands below the lowest ladder band representing 10 kDa. Protein A Z domain is 7 kDa and it should appear just under the lowest band. This might indicate that no overexpression has taken place, however looking at the gel there are actually no bands below the 10 kDa ladder band. This seems strange since there should be some bands there representing all other smaller proteins in the bacteria that I induced. when I recived the gel I understood that it had expired its expiering date, could it be this that has resulted in no bands below 10 kDa. The gel is supposed to be able to show bands small as 5 kDa.

I will run a new gel with a gel that is not old.


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DNA shippment

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SOD activity

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  • Sonicate 3x30s at ~12amp

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