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Whe Wiki got an extreme make-over
The Wiki got an extreme make-over

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RMIT IGEM Team 2010

Hello from RMIT!

Howdy, y'all. RMIT is located in Melbourne, Australia and thus far it looks like the team will consist of students studying biotechnology and pharmaceutical sciences, possibly bringing on board some chemical engineering students as well. Watch this space!

Project Summary The objective for our iGEM 2010 team is to create a biological system that will produce a peptide at a low economic cost. This machine includes the use of a bacterial plasmid (vector) that will incorporate a T7 promoter under control of lac elements to express a soluble theromostable protein carrier molecule to allow for sufficient production of the peptide that will be added to the vector by a process of ligation-independent cloning. The peptide will be separable by thermal release from the carrier protein for simple bioprocessing and process intensification. We believe that this system can then be adopted and enhanced to produce libraries or large scales of peptides/drugs without the high price tag associated with its manufacture and development to then be distributed to large communities that otherwise cannot afford the cost of research or treatment.

Do you Want a Way to Improve your Chances of Getting Gold?

How about a collaboration with our team? Our Team weakness is modelling and simulation. Specifically our aim is to mutate Taq Polymerase but before we finalise the residues to mutate we wish to run a simulated annealing to determine whether the fold and thermal properties will be compromised prior to undertaking the mutations in the lab.

Collaborations are mutual - with your team helping ours we are also interested in helping you. Our strengths are in areas of bioinformatics, assembly, mutagenesis, characterisation and sequencing of parts. We also have skills and infrastructure relating to other areas of iGEM such as the wiki and parts registry. If you are interested in collaborating with our team please don't hesitate to contact Dannii Kamato <> to discuss these options to help you go for gold!



The Wiki got an extreme make-over

Completed the Project Summary

Our first iGEM meeting!! :)


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