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Queens Group.JPG
Everyone who showed up on May 17th. From left: Nelson Yao, Yuli Zhang, Chris Palmer, Steve Goldie, Geoff Halliday, Thai Phi, Hao Shi, Kevin Hong.

Steve Goldie

Geoff Halliday

Geoff is on the fence between biomedical computing and biochemistry. He comes from a computing background, but is very interested in the biological sciences, and synthetic biology in particular. He also thinks he finally got the layout looking okay.

Kevin Hong

Chris Palmer

Thai Phi

Mike Schmidt

Mike is a second year undergraduate student, with a concentration in engineering chemistry. Mike is experienced in mathematical modelling, and the physical sciences affiliated with engineering tasks. He came to the iGEM team in 2009 because of his interests in the wide-range of applications in the field of synthetic biology and systematic engineering. Aside from his studies and QGEM he enjoys playing a variety of sports including hockey, soccer and golf.

Hao Shi

is awesome! =)

Nelson Yao

Yuli Zhang


Ian Chin-Sang

Faculty: Arts & Science

Department: Biology

Position: Associate Professor and CCS/NCIC Research Scientist

Research: Molecular Genetics of C. elegans Development

email me

C. elegans Loves iGEM Movie

Peter Greer

Faculty: Arts & Science

Department: BioChemistry

Position: Professor of Biochemistry and Pathology & Molecular Medicine

Research: Cancer Signal Transduction

Kenton Ko

Nancy Martin

Faculty: Arts & Science

Department: Microbiology and Immunology

Position: Associate Professor

Research: Sensing and Adaptation to Environmental Changes in Salmonella typhimurium

Paul Young