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Welcome to the multicellular revolution.


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The 2010 Queen's iGEM team is proud to present WorkWorks, the first toolkit for creating iGEM-style projects in a complete multicellular organism. We spent our summer collecting and testing parts for future synthetic biologists to use, and worked to build it all into a comprehensive, well-documented package so that anyone with a bit of genetic engineering experience could enter the world of the nematode Caenorhabditis elegans, and be successful in implementing a cutting-edge multicellular project.

will take you to general information about our project, its development, and what we accomplished this summer.
will take you to our mini-textbook for synthetic biology in C. elegans, so you can start working right away .

If at any point you want to get back to this main page, you can click the wormworks logo at the top to return here. If you are having trouble scrolling, you may want to visit our mobile version instead.