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Products stored in -20 °C freezer.
Products stored in -20 °C freezer.
====[[Team:Queens-Canada/protocols#PCR Stitching|PCR Stitching]]====
Hao and Chris
Hao and Chris

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June 16, 2010

PCR Purification

Hao and Chris

pHsp-3, pSip-1, pMec-7, pRab-7, pUnc-47, BBa_I714891

Products stored in -20 °C freezer.


Hao and Chris

pHsp-3, pRab-7, pSip-1, pUnc-47, pMec-7 with BBa_I714891

Program run (without primers) using TAQ with an extension time of 30 s and annealing temperature of 57 °C for 5 cycles. Primers were then added and program was run with annealing temperature of 60 °C.