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   Parts Submitted to the Registry

[Peking 2010 iGEM Team Parts]

Favorite Peking 2010 iGEM Team Parts

Name Part type Discription Designer Length
Part:BBa_K346000 Translational unit RBS(B0032)+T3 DNA-directed RNA polymerase Haoqian Zhang & Weiye Wang 2674
Part:BBa_K346001 Translational unit RBS (B0034) + MerR (mercury-responsive transcription factor) Ao Liu & Ying Sheng 453
Part:BBa_K346002 Ragulatory PmerT promoter (mercury-responsive) Qianzhu Wu & Mei Chen 57
Part:BBa_K346003 Tranlational unit RBS(B0032)+MBP(mercury metal binding peptide engineered from MerR)) Yang Hu & Xin Teng 166
Part:BBa_K346004 Translational unit RBS(B0034)_MBP(lead metal binding peptide egineered from PbrR)+Terminator(B0015) Junyi Jiao 149
Part:BBa_K346005 Device Mercury (II) ions absorption device Junyi Jiao, Xin Teng, Donghai Liang & Yang Hu 2248
Part:BBa_K346007 Coding Antigen43 Miao Jing 3120

Peking 2010 iGEM Team Parts Sandbox

Name Part type Discription Designer Length
Part:BBa_K346008 Generator Constutitive promoter(BBa_J23101)+RBS+MerR(BBa_K346001) Ying Sheng 496
Part:BBa_K346009 Generator Constutitive promoter(BBa_J23103)+RBS+MerR(BBa_K346001) Ying Sheng 496
Part:BBa_K346010 Generator Constutitive promoter(BBa_J23108)+RBS+MerR(BBa_K346001) Ying Sheng 496
Part:BBa_K346011 Generator Constutitive promoter(BBa_J23109)+RBS+MerR(BBa_K346001) Ying Sheng 496
Part:BBa_K346012 Generator Constutitive promoter(BBa_J23112)+RBS+MerR(BBa_K346001) Ying Sheng 496
Part:BBa_K346013 Generator Constutitive promoter(BBa_J23114)+RBS+MerR(BBa_K346001) Ying Sheng 496
Part:BBa_K346014 Generator Constutitive promoter(BBa_J23116)+RBS+MerR(BBa_K346001) Ying Sheng 496
Part:BBa_K346015 Generator Constutitive promoter(BBa_J23117)+RBS+MerR(BBa_K346001) Ying Sheng 496
Part:BBa_K346016 Reporter PmerT promoter (mercury-responsive)-GFP(E0840) Haoqian Zhang 943
Part:BBa_K346017 Reporter PmerT promoter(wt)+RBS(B0034)+lacZ alpha (BBa_I732006) Zairan Liu 317
Part:BBa_K346018 Reporter PmerT promoter(88)+RBS(B0034)+lacZ alpha (BBa_I732006) Zairan Liu 317
Part:BBa_K346019 Reporter PmerT promoter(03)+RBS(B0034)+lacZ alpha (BBa_I732006) Zairan Liu 317
Part:BBa_K346020 Reporter PmerT promoter mutant1+RBS+GFP+Terminators(E0840) Ao Liu 878
Part:BBa_K346021 Reporter PmerT promoter mutant2+RBS+GFP+Terminators(E0840) Ying Sheng 878
Part:BBa_K346022 Reporter PmerT promoter mutant3+RBS+GFP+Terminators(E0840) Ying Sheng 878
Part:BBa_K346023 Reporter PmerT promoter mutant4+RBS+GFP+Terminators(E0840) Ying Sheng 878
Part:BBa_K346024 Reporter PmerT promoter mutant5+RBS+GFP+Terminators(E0840) Ying Sheng 878
Part:BBa_K346025 Reporter PmerT promoter mutant6+RBS+GFP+Terminators(E0840) Ying Sheng 878
Part:BBa_K346026 Generator PmerT promoter+phage activitor Ogr(BBa_746350) Mei Chen 302
Part:BBa_K346027 Generator PmerT promoter+phage activitor Pag(BBa_746351) Mei Chen 302
Part:BBa_K346028 Generator PmerT promoter+phage phiR73 activitor delta(BBa_I746352) Mei Chen 329
Part:BBa_K346029 Generator T7p(BBa_I719005)+RBS(B0034)+Lpp-OmpA+MBP(surface display of lead binding peptide) Chen Yiwei 817
Part:BBa_K346030 Generator T7p(BBa_I719005)+RBS(B0034)+DsbA+MBP(periplasm display of lead binding peptide) Chen Yiwei 1202
Part:BBa_K346032 Composite T7promoter(I719005)_RBS(B0034)_MBP(mercury metal binding peptide) Yang Hu 373
Part:BBa_K346033 Generator T7p(BBa_I719005)+RBS(B0034)+DsbA+MBP(periplasm display of mercury binding peptide) Donghai Liang & Xing Teng 788
Part:BBa_K346034 Generator T7p(BBa_I719005)+RBS(B0034)+Lpp-OmpA+MBP(surface display of mercury binding peptide) Junyi Jiao 836
Part:BBa_K346035 Composite Ptet-T7polymerase+Hg(II) Bioabsorption Device Junyi Jiao 4991
Part:BBa_K346036 Composite PT7-RBS-lpp-ompa-mbp-terminator Junyi Jiao 973
Part:BBa_K346037 Generator T3 promoter drived amplifier+Agn43 Miao Jing 3120
Part:BBa_K346038 Generator PmerT promoter+T3 polymerase Miao Jing 2739
Part:BBa_K346039 Regulatory T3 promoter(phiOL) Weiye Wang 23
Part:BBa_K346040 Regulatory T3 promoter(phiOR) Weiye Wang 23
Part:BBa_K346041 Regulatory T3 promoter(phi1.05) Weiye Wang 23
Part:BBa_K346042 Regulatory T3 promoter(phi1.1) Weiye Wang 23
Part:BBa_K346043 Regulatory T3 promoter(phi1.3) Weiye Wang 23
Part:BBa_K346044 Regulatory T3 promoter(phi1.5) Weiye Wang 23
Part:BBa_K346045 Regulatory T3 promoter(phi2.5) Weiye Wang 23
Part:BBa_K346046 Regulatory T3 promoter(phi4.3) Weiye Wang 23
Part:BBa_K346047 Regulatory T3 promoter(phi6.5) Weiye Wang 23
Part:BBa_K346048 Regulatory T3 promoter(phi9) Weiye Wang 23
Part:BBa_K346049 Regulatory T3 promoter(phi10) Weiye Wang 23
Part:BBa_K346039 Regulatory T3 promoter(phi11) Weiye Wang 23
Part:BBa_K346051 Regulatory T3 promoter(phi13) Weiye Wang 23
Part:BBa_K346052 Regulatory T3 promoter(phi3.8) Weiye Wang 23
Part:BBa_K346053 Generator PpbrA promoter+T3 polymerase+Terminator(B0015) Miao Jing 2875
Part:BBa_K346054 Regulatory PpbrA promoter Qianzhu Wu 56
Part:BBa_K346055 Reporter Ppbra promoter-GFP(E0840) Ying Sheng 942
Part:BBa_K346056 Transcriptional Unit phiR73 delta(BBa_I746352)+Terminator(B0015) Heng Pan 401
Part:BBa_K346057 Generator T7promoter(BBa_I719005)+phiR73 delta(BBa_I746352)+Terminator(B0015) Heng Pan 432
Part:BBa_K346058 Device T7promoter(BBa_I719005)+RBS(B0034)+phiR73 delta(BBa_I746352)+Terminator(B0015)+PO promoter(BBa_I7463) Heng Pan 532
Part:BBa_K346059 Regulatory 3 mutation of PmerT Ao Liu 57
Part:BBa_K346060 Regulatory 88 mutation of PmerT Ao Liu 57
Part:BBa_K346062 Generator Constutitive promoter BBa_J23109+phiR73delta activator(BBa_I746352) Ying Sheng 307
Part:BBa_K346067 Measurement Constutitive promoter BBa_J23101+ogr activator(BBa_I746350) Tianze Zhu 280
Part:BBa_K346068 Measurement Constutitive promoter BBa_J23100+ogr activator(BBa_I746350) Tianze Zhu 280
Part:BBa_K346069 Measurement Constutitive promoter BBa_J23108+ogr activator(BBa_I746350) Tianze Zhu 280
Part:BBa_K346070 Measurement Constutitive promoter BBa_J23109+ogr activator(BBa_I746350) Tianze Zhu 280
Part:BBa_K346071 Measurement Constutitive promoter BBa_J23112+ogr activator(BBa_I746350) Tianze Zhu 280
Part:BBa_K346072 Measurement Constutitive promoter BBa_J23114+ogr activator(BBa_I746350) Tianze Zhu 280
Part:BBa_K346073 Translational Unit Constutitive promoter BBa_J23116+ogr activator(BBa_I746350) Tianze Zhu 280
Part:BBa_K346074 Measurement Constutitive promoter BBa_J23117+ogr activator(BBa_I746350) Tianze Zhu 280
Part:BBa_K346076 Translational Unit Constutitive promoter BBa_J23100+ogr activator(BBa_I746352) Ying Sheng 307
Part:BBa_K346077 Translational Unit Constutitive promoter BBa_J23108+ogr activator(BBa_I746352) Ying Sheng 307
Part:BBa_K346078 Translational Unit Constutitive promoter BBa_J23109+ogr activator(BBa_I746352) Ying Sheng 307
Part:BBa_K346079 Translational Unit Constutitive promoter BBa_J23112+ogr activator(BBa_I746352) Ying Sheng 307
Part:BBa_K346082 Translational Unit Constutitive promoter BBa_J23117+ogr activator(BBa_I746352) Ying Sheng 307
Part:BBa_K346083 Composite RBS(B0034)+lacZ alpha(BBa_I732006) Zairan Liu 252
Part:BBa_K346084 Generator T7 promoter(BBa_I719005)+RBS(B0032)+T3 RNA polymerase+Terminator(B0015) Weiye Wang 2863
Part:BBa_K346085 Tranlational Unit Ptet-RBS-T7polymerase Ying Sheng 2735
Part:BBa_K346086 Generator RBS(BBa_B0034)+MerT Miao Jing 369
Part:BBa_K346087 Generator RBS(BBa_B0034)+MerP Miao Jing 294
Part:BBa_K346088 Generator RBS(BBa_B0034)+MerC Miao Jing 441
Part:BBa_K346089 Generator T7 promoter(BBa_I719005)+MerT+MerP+MerC(the facilitation module of mercury absorption) Miao Jing 1151
Part:BBa_K346090 Translational Unit Constitutive promoter BBa_J23103 + CrtEBI(BBa_K274100) Ying Sheng 3385
Part:BBa_K346096 Reporter PmerT promoter-GFP(E0840) Ying Sheng 878